Unknown journey

Walking down the line. Just behind and behind. My bar in my car. Drive the roads and search the poison. Empty street with my shadow . Heavy and very heavy darkness. No peeps no shadow. Just dogs barking and following. Gangs and bottles with bloody veins. Moving along to find a perfect zone. Breathe and… Read More Unknown journey


That stranger I remember. She came destroyed. As I turned to you with a smile. You stared and ignored. Little do I remember. Stared back in amazement. One of the beauty. Of who you are and where you came from. Grace and shine. Hair and eyes. My summer shirt and black shoes. Just pulled my… Read More Stranger

Heart and Soul

Another day has passed. You never came and you won’t ever come. It was happy but it’s gone. That evening gossip and Lasting sensation. Hidden and moving. Same game but different levels. Moving fast, same road but different riders. Breathe telling the soul to say goodbye. Heart interfering , Hey bro listen here. Nights like… Read More Heart and Soul

Bad Party

Heavy and Heavy, Dance to the beat. Shouting and singing. Turn of the lights and join the flow. You and me together in a joint. Cocktail of light and dark. Let’s even bunk this party girl. Off road creator and a sheet. Setting the climate on fire. Without warning sleepy head. From kind to harsh.… Read More Bad Party