Withdrawal symptoms of Heroin


When one tries to get over Heroin addiction and goes cold Turkey He or She has to face the following withdrawl symptoms:

  1. Lower Back Pain
  2. Full Body Muscle Pain
  3. Irritation ( from sound and light)
  4. Fitts( in some extreme cases)
  5. No sleep
  6. Headache
  7. Loose Motions
  8. Shivering with sweat
  9. Low Testostrone level.(The no. one male hormone)
  10. Vomitting.(with blood in extreme cases)
  11. Sneeze(sounds funny but one under addiction does not sneeze)
  12. Sole Throat
  13. Produces Body heat
  14. Skin Rashes

It is the worst experience one can ever experience. When you are just alone and cold inside.But then you dont need to worry , everything can be reversed.


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