Side effects of Heroin drug

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Side effects of Heroin drug

Now in my last post I discussed about withdrawal symptoms of Heroin drug . Now one experiences withdrawal symptoms when goes cold Turkey or tries to quit addiction. Heroin is a short-acting opioid , meaning that it takes effect rapidly but also leaves the blood stream quickly. Any way below is the list of side effects which occurs while consumption.

  1. Hairfall.
  2. Watery eyes .(water flows from the eyes).
  3. Dark circles.
  4. Memory Loss.
  5. Aggression.
  6. Extended Sleep.
  7. Hormone Imbalance.
  8. Sole Throat.
  9. Tarr (Feel like spitting tarr).
  10. Grey gums.
  11. Black Teeth.(if you are consuming on a tin foil).
  12. Lack of Stamina.
  13. Skin Rashes.(Due to heat in body).

One under Addiction Does not realize but all these things are really common for a Heroin Addict.


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