Behavior of Heroin Addicts


Behavior of Heroin addicts

The signs and symptoms of Heroin addiction will vary among users based upon genetic makeup, amount of drug used and frequency of use.Drug addict will continue manipulating the people closest to them. Okay I ll cover this in four stages:

  • When you consume Heroin First Time in a limit
  1. You speak a lot.
  2. Itching on the nose and neck.
  3. Red nose.
  4. Eyes are close to normal.
  5. You will not sleep immediately.
  6. You will be energetic for few hours.
  7. When you sleep , you experience extended sleep .(5 to 6 hour more than normal).
  8. Your voice get harder but clean.
  • When you consume more than limit
  1. Your eyes will be sleepy and you will sleep instantly for 15 to 20 hours.
  2. Itching on the nose and neck.
  3. When you get up you want to drink a lot of water.
  4. Eat a lot of spicy and sugary food because of craving of carbs in your body.
  5. You will feel wonderful because the experience is just awesome.
  6. You will not feel sick next day but will definately want to do it again and again.(Thats how you get addicted).
  • When you get addicted
  1. You want it at any cost and will do anything to get it.
  2. You will arrange money from anywhere.
  3. Negative thoughts will disturb you.
  4. It can even cause mental problems.
  5. Kind of hypnotic thing.
  6. You want it everyday or else you will get sick.
  7. Its enters your blood stream and causes digestive problems.(It is the main problem because you will not be able to consume food.)
  8. It disturbs you both physically and mentally.
  9. If you get your drug daily at the same time , you will be able to do normal activities.
  10. But if you miss even one dose, it will cause you sickness that is almost unbearable.
  11. You start stammering and even your voice gets harder.
  12. Short term memory loss is common when you get addicted.
  • When you Badly get addicted
  1. You stammer a lot.
  2. Always ready for a good fight if anyone comes near you.
  3. You will always be irritated and will just feel good while consuming.
  4. Sole throat with very heavy voice .
  5. You will spit Tarr most of the time.
  6. You just want to stay alone.
  7. Isolation from friends and family.
  8. Only thing of your Drug of choice because you are not physically and mentally addicted.
  9. Think of arranging money from anywhere.
  10. Irritation from light and sound.
  11. Blood pressure problems.
  12. High and low sugar levels.


The Behavior may vary from person to person and drug to drug and also time of using.Heroin is a short-acting opioid , it takes effect rapidly and also leaves the blood stream quickly making it one of very harmful drug.





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