Devil’s Addiction


Devil’s Addiction

She smiled at me , those were the days,

She texted me , I replied late.

Devil came and killed the smile,

I asked myself, was that mine?

Happy days don’t last for long.

Devil killed the smile and laughed along.

Love you shna , Baby and babu were the call,

Now it all ended up with withdrawal.

Now I am weak and unable to speak,

Stupid she still want a sneak peak.

Aggressive me with negative thoughts,

Replied to her,”You want or not”?.

She cried and said I just wanna talk,

Go to hell I replied and she walked.

Now I cry with a negative smile,

Was that me or the Devil’s cry?

I still wonder what all happened,

But in the end does it matter?

Devil smiled and asked me,

You still want me or selfish she?

I didn’t replied and asked myself.

Was I victim of a selfish love?

Was my love was she or devil?

Is this the time for realization?

Am I poet or this is just a thought?

Oh God, Please don’t judge me on this I am just a simple blogger.

This is just a blog and I write it in my jogger.

But in the end it does not matter,

I am alone and feel the leaf in the air that flatter.

AHAA Is it the nature that you want?

HAHA not really, I will achieve what I want.

Is this the devil’s smile or the real one?

I just don’t know , I want the sun.



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