Diet Plan for cold Turkey


If you are a heroic person or rather an addict.(Heroin addict). Follow this diet plan for 14 days and you will see a very fast recovery in you body. Although it’s a mental game more to maintain a recovery but them knowledge is very important. Keep your mind strong enough and go complete cold turkey .

  • LIME WATER ( 8 AM)

Just a simple glass of water with a whole lemon and a bit black salt. Very important to boost your weak immune system.

  • BREAKFAST ( 8:30 AM)

Omelette –Β  4 egg whites , 1 whole egg , onion and 3 brown or whole wheat bread.

Take these medicines after the breakfast:

Medicines for cold turkey Heroin


4 oranges , 1/2 cup Aloe vera juice, 4 carrots , 1 tomato.

  • LUNCH(2 PM)

60 gm brown rice ( uncooked), 100gm paneer ,onion , tomato and little yogurt, 1/2 Cup lentils.


1 cucumber , 1 carrot , 1 apple 1/2 cup grapes.

  • COFFEE( 6 PM)

1 Cup coffee with 4 parle – G biscuits.( coffee without sugar).


1 cup lentils( any) , 2 normal chapati ( without oil).

  • MILK- 250 ml normal warm milk without sugar.


  • Drink atleast 5 lt of water in a day. Water is very important to purify your blood and provide nutrients through blood veins.
  • Your body will pain but bear the pain and remember your days.
  • Just try to avoid any kind of pain killer while going cold turkey.
  • Avoid medical treatment. You will then get addicted to medicines.
  • 5 days. It will take 5 days for heroin to leave your body completely.
  • This is your peak weak for realization.
  • You will face sleeping issues and other withdrawals.
  • But you don’t need to worry.
  • No one dies with these withdrawals.

It’s just that you didn’t have the knowledge so you consumed bad stuff. Now you are gaining knowledge so you eat and consume what your body need.


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