How to quit Heroin


If you have been using heroin daily for a couple of weeks or months, your body begins to adapt. The brain sends chemical signs for certain functions to speed up. If one tries to go cold turkey he or she faces many withdrawals symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms of Heroin

Now the question comes what to do? You feel like you will just die without your dose. I will give you a simple answer after many years of research,counselling and medical treatment. JUST GO COLD TURKEY WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION. Even if you think you are in your last stage of addiction and experience the worst to worst things. Look this is a experience , once in a life time or life in one time , which is in your own hand. After conversation with many doctors or rather best to best doctors of the city and even outside the town I came to this conclusion. If you switch over to allopathy treatment you will feel good and will sleep down properly , but guys think , you are just switching over to other drugs to overcome your own addiction . The earth is round and the cycle comes around. Just think about it , you got addicted to hide you pain or just for fun . But in the end you are just using your drug to cure your pain and sickness and for quitting that also you need a medication or rather drug. Feel the pain , remember the days , record everything , right it down. This is the only possible way to quit our addiction or rather disease. Addiction is a disease . All the addicts are patients or rather forced patients not by others but themselves. And what does cold turkey means. It means quitting everything. Each and every possible drug of choice or drugs of choice. You don’t even have to consume alcohol. Yaa smoking is allowed . You can smoke a simple clean and clear cigarette without any cocktails in it!! Need not to explain, you know what I mean. Smoking is allowed in Rehabilitation center , counselling centers and literally everywhere . I am not in favor of smoking but just telling the truth. And smoking does not cause as much harm as drugs or not even spoil your whole life. Rehab center does work in terms of recovery , but then in a rehab you are kept away from your addiction. And in my experience hardly 10% people get cured in rehab. I am not against Rehab , but then yes , just telling the truth. In rehab also you are just kept away from your addiction. It just a cold turkey method without any medication. Nutrition , Rest , Acceptance andmind set is the only key to recovery. Search , research or do whatever method or medicine you wanna try , it’s up to you . how long your recovery will last or rather why you just want to recover.


  • Acceptance – Just accept for the fact that you are an addict and you need your own help.
  • Mind-set– Need to built your own personal strong mind set.
  • Strong will power– Build your will power , just don’t connect to the drug related people.
  • Patience– Keep patience. Recovery does not happen overnight. It Takes 5 to 7 days for heroin to leave the blood stream.
  • Proper Nutrition– Nutrition is the key my friend. The only thing that can heal you is nutrition and a good diet plan.
  • Rest-Just rest. Stay in bed for atleast 7 days because of weakness and danger of fitts in extreme cases.


  • Homeopathy treatment– you don’t need that and I won’t even type further.
  • Ayurvedic treatment-same answer.
  • No addiction powder medicine– Oh please, just stay away from any kind of fancy stuff.
  • Hakim– What is hakim?……It’s a kind of desi doctor. H*H* need not comment.
  • Baba– HaHa ….ya surely can laugh on this . come on guys .
  • Tantrik– Yaa , people even try these people . Wow what a work . Tantrik will just hold your hand and say Balak everything will be good again.
  • Pooja/ Havan– I don’t really believe in all these things . These attracts positive energies , But then come on …….nothing to with recovery or drugs.

I don’t really know what people think while they choose these things to stop some one’s addiction. But then my only answer is lack of information and knowledge. Nutrition is the key with a proper mind set. Will surely write the nutrition plan for 14 days in my next blog for quick recovery.

Just don’t create a mess by overthinking. Addicts do that. Literally read many things about addiction drugs and counselling centers and just didn’t found anything worth it. Rehab i told you is a way . You can go for 10 days or rather a month would work. But proper nutrition , which is the key , lacks there. You will surely learn some good stuff there, But then depend on person to person. Your recovery is in you hand guys.

There are certain over the counter medicines and various other re addiction stuffs available in the market. Just earn a couple of bugs. Literally studied many of them.


Knowledge is the lock. You are the soul to open it.


5 comments on “How to quit Heroin”

  1. Its so true and I dont understand why authorities try to get addicts trying to get off drugs onto OTHER drugs. Have you heard the saying: there is no chemical cure for a spiritual problem. and also diet with lots of natural foods with feel good chemicals boosts moods so much eg bananas brazil nuts other foods to cleanse the liver. There is so much ohter natural medicine we can use.

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    1. Yes very true .. there is no chemical cure. Natural foods are the best to detoxify liver..the thing is that people lack knowledge and other people mis guide them. Citrus fruits with Vitamin C helps the most to cleanse the liver.

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