Medicines for cold turkey


In my last blog I told not to consult a doctor or rather switch over to medical treatment. These are not any kind of harmful medicines but only full of nutrition which one addict person gerenlly lacks in his or her body . Try these out and it will work magic:

  • Fish oil-Β Very important for you heart , Brain , Skin .(Use any good company ).
  • Gainsure Strong– contains Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin K27(Very important for bone health).
  • Multi- Vitamin tablet ( use any good company).
  • B-Complex– Vitamin B.
  • Limcee– Vitamin C tablet.( For boosting your immune system).
  • Liv 52.( For your damaged Liver).
  • Ashwagandha.( Ayurvedic but works well , helps to recover Testosterone level).
  • L-Arginine.( Improves blood flow in the body ).

Use these medicines all together in the morning with breakfast. Morning is the time when your body absorbs most nutrients . I know for an addict it is very hard to survive without their drug of choice but then to achieve your recovery fast you need to consume all the required nutrients and quit your addiction.


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