Remember the days


I will remember the smoky curls,

I will remember the dragon’s chase,

Until my last breathe. 

Until I live This Life.

The way you moved across the sheet,

The way I moved across the street,

I will just remember and love,

Until my last breathe ,

Until my last day.

Ride the horse in the rain,

With the wet and silky moves,

I am just like him,

He is just like me.

O my friend , just kill the darkness,

And lit the candle with a lasting stick.

Loser’s will chase , beggar’s will raise.

I will wait , change, sit back and relax,

Until my last breathe.

Until my last breathe.

Kids in the street, with nothing to eat,

Owning everything , still not able to eat.

Those unplanned waves and mischief ,

I will love and hate,

Until my last breathe,

Until my last day.

                                 -AKSHAY SWAMI


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