How to quit Cocaine

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Whether It is Cocaine or Heroin. The process is the same for all the drugs. And my answer is also the same JUST GO COLD TURKEY WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION.You don’t need any kind of over the counter medicines or pain killers or sleeping pills.People in India are more addicted to Heroin than cocaine. Cocaine is not even cultivated here and what people get is Synthetic drug mixed with certain para salts and sleeping pills. Very less pointer cocaine faked with other salts. Any way How to quit cocaine:


Medicines for cold turkey Heroin

Diet Plan for cold Turkey

How to quit Heroin

Do check How to quit Heroin post. You really don’t need any medication for cold turkey. Keep it simple and natural. Add more Vitamins and minerals and follow a proper balanced diet . Need not to worry about , everything can be reversed . You just need a motivation. And guys there are lot many things to do in life. Come out of addiction , make connections. The things common about all the addicts is spoiled connections . Be it family, relatives , friends , girl friend , boy friend or my relation with you people and your relation with me. It’s never too late to start. But the thing is that just start. Beautiful years and a beautiful life is waiting for you ahead. Just look at yourself . What were you?Where you belong? Is is the real you or the addicted devil is speaking up inside you . Well then taking about the devil , also check my poem.

Devil’s Addiction

Follow a clean simple and clear diet plan for 14 days cold turkey and you will see a vast difference . It takes Cocaine 6 to 7 days to completely leave the blood stream. And the 10th and 11th day you will feel completely normal. Sleeping issues will disturb you for about 10 days . But then only 10 days. Whole life is waiting for you ahead. Keep yourself charged . Everything is in your hand. No doctor can help you in this. Doctors can only give you medicines . It’s just that it will become hard for you to quit medicines. Then you will need to go cold turkey again. Just end it up once. Good Luck.


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