Withdrawal symptoms of Cocaine

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In my personal observation I found a bit less amount of withdrawals in cocaine than in Heroin. But very less. Snorting is a bit less harmful than smoking or injecting. Although pure form of cocaine is not available in India . And it always depends on person to person and the amount of drug used. But then the point to be noted …Heroin withdrawals are more painful but people die more of cocaine withdrawals. Sudden death due to Panic attacks and blood pressure issues.Withdrawal symptoms of Cocaine:

  • Irritation.(From light and sound).
  • Fitts.(Extreme cases).
  • No sleep.
  • Headache.
  • Loose Motions.
  • Shivering with sweat.
  • Low Testosterone Level.( No. one Male Hormone).
  • Weight loss .
  • Vomitting.
  • Sole throat.
  • Produces body heat.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Death.( Sudden death).

Sudden death makes it more harmful.


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