Addnok The magic pill



Addnok Tablet is used for opioid dependence, Serious pain , Chronic headache , mild to severe pain , Acute pain . It is over the counter medicine and is very hardly available. It is used as drug supplement for other hard dugs mainly Heroin. It contains Buprenorphine as the main active ingredient.

Should it be used as a supplement for Heroin ?

My answer is No. A clear big no. Addnok tablet works by producing opioid against effect. It is cultivated from Papaver Somniferum commonly known as opium poppy. The same plant used for cultivating Heroin drug. It’s just that you are changing your drug of choice with other drug.I don’t know why it is given to patients in certain rehabs and is also recommended by doctor in extreme cases. You just don’t need to go out and search for drug outside because your doctor will provide the same at your home.

Availability .?

Vary rarely available in certain rehabs and only prescribed by doctors in extreme cases. Sometimes it is banned and sometimes it is available in India. You will never get a 10 tablet pack of this tablet. Single piece is available for about 70 to 100 Indian  rupees per tablet.


It is consumed directly  by mouth. It disolves quickly when kept under the tongue and reaches the blood streams within minutes. People consume 2 to 3 tablets a day and slowly decrease it to one tablet a day in most cases. If given to a normal person he or she may face withdrawal symptoms . Cold blood , vomiting , red eyes and various others.

Different names.

  • Addnok
  • Addnok-N
  • Bupex
  • Bupin
  • buprenex

And many others. Addnok is combined with naloxone to treat narcotic addiction.


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