Why I don’t trust doctors in case of addiction


A doctor is a person qualified to treat people who are ill. Doctor plays a very important role in our life and anyone can need a doctor anytime. I often consult a doctor when I really need a doctor . There is no chemical cure for addiction. And there is a limitation to everything . Education has it’s own limitations . Imagine a doctor asking a patient for over the counter medicines for other patients. And guess what one of the finest doctor in New Delhi . The Tablet was addnok itself . I was in a deep conversation with him and was observing everything he was saying. I am not saying he gave me bad advice but then only offered me medicines . Mainly high dose sleeping pills. And I then asked him about Addnok . He told me something happened in Bangladesh and the tablet is now banned  in India and is not available in India now. And his regular patients are asking him for the medicine. I told him from where to get the medicine . He smiled and said I am a doctor and can’t go to such places and asked me to get him some 100 tablets. Oh God just can’t forget that incident. I am not saying I am against doctors . But the thing is I am against these over the counter medicines and drugs.


4 comments on “Why I don’t trust doctors in case of addiction”

  1. But it’s really a helpful pill if taken for sickness week coz dts the most horrible time and I don’t how it would pass but only wants to pass it so it’s ok for 1 week and yeah obviously after all its an opioid so is addictive also

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    1. But brother after one week again you will face the same issues of sleeping and all without the pill….and if it’s helpful than why it is banned.?….Go cold turkey…..do a bit cardio or workout….you will sleep slowly without the pill….good luck!!😃😃

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  2. It is banned coz of some miscreants who usually misuse it and often found themselves problems even heroine was synthesized for army personnel hurting in wars but again after people misused it and here we are…..

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    1. The drug which was available only with gangs….is now available in the streets itself…..every second street has a peddler…..something is wrong naa….the thing is to keep ourselves protected…..people lack knowledge that’s the thing.


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