How to Quit Weed &Hash


Weed and Hash are not addictive drugs and are quite easy to quit .One faces certain withdrawals which are only because of lack of nutrients in body.You don’t need any kind of medical treatment for this. The things you need are:

  1. A proper mindset .
  2. Willingness to quit.
  3. Proper nutrition.
  4. Rest.
  5. Patience.

That’s all you need. You don’t need to go to any rehab or counseling center . It’s just you who started and it will be only you who will stop . Same High again and again. Nothing new. Searching for the best of stuff in the whole town and outside town. Mostly planning trips to a hilly area for the purest stuff. Avoid all this you don’t need this and there’s nothing cool in this. Imagine you are at 50 and looking back and only found the younger you only did drugs and enjoyed life to the fullest but now suffering from diseases and regretting. No medical cure for a spiritual thing. I have seen many people , they suffer due to drug problem and are able to get through Heroin or cocaine but they are not able to give up this thing. They found it harmless and even useful. Think a joint is ruling your life. You are free but still a prisoner. Addiction is your jail and you are prisoner. Change is within you . All you need is motivation. Don’t be a prisoner, you better be a free bird who gets the first worm. For more details on cold turkey check below:

Okay these are the medicines for cold turkey heroin. But you can use them here also. These are not sleeping pills or harmful pills. These are just minerals and Vitamins that one person under using generally lacks. They have no harm on your body.

Just go and push. Good luck.


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