Overdose on Weed and Hash

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This is not practically possible. You can’t overdose on weed and hash. Cannabis receptors, unlike opioid receptors,are not located in the brainstem. Opioid pathways also known as receptors are present in the area of the brain that controls breathing. Taking too many pain killers ,opioids Heroin or cocaine can cause a person to stop breathing.But marijuana acts on completely different pathways called cannabis receptors and they do not affect respiration. Thus marijuana cannot cause someone stop breathing.

The lethal dose of marijuana is estimated to be 40,000 times the effective dose. In other words You cannot die from taking too much weed.There is a lot of confusion out there about weed. There are so many authors and musicians who claims to have a creative mind after smoking pot. One of my own friend in the acting school tried too. But it’s also a complete lie. Pot has nothing to do with creativity. Okay coming back to the topic there is no record that defines someone died of marijuana overdose. In order to overdose yourself you have to smoke 40,000 joints. That’s practically impossible. I am not saying it’s good , just telling the truth. You have to be a super human to overdose on pot. 1500 pounds of weed will have to be consumed in a 15 minute period. A true superhuman ability.



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