How to read a birth chart?

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Studying Vedic Astrology from past few years.This blog is all about addiction but then Vedic astrology helped me a lot through my bad times . I was literally lost and found all my answers in Vedic Astrology. It’s just so beautiful. I am in love with it. So I was reading my friends chart and I mailed her the lagna chart. And she replied “It looks like a periodic Table”. I laughed and just thought that if I know something I must share it.Why not.

So coming to the topic, how to read a birth chart ?. People literally don’t understand it and are really confused and other astrologers just misguide them. People don’t have complete knowledge and are reading others birth chart and misguiding them. As a result people don’t trust astrology , but believe me guys it’s almost 80% of your life. It’s just beautiful.


So this a blank birth chart. Each chart has 12 houses and 12 Zodiac signs. House no. 1 is always your ascendant . And the Zodiac signs are always in order as under:

  • Aries………..1
  • Taurus……..2
  • Gemini…….3
  • Cancer…….4
  • Leo………….5
  • Virgo………6
  • Libra………7
  • Scorpio…..8
  • Sagittarius.9
  • Capricorn..10
  • Aquarius….11
  • Pisces……….12

The 1st house is Aries, the 2nd is Taurus , 3rd is Gemini , 4th is Cancer and so on. So the birth chart is simply your planetary position of the universe at the time of your birth. Sign changes after a time of 2 and a half hour gap at 30 degrees.


This is a birth chart I downloaded from google. This is the type of birth chart you generally see and get confused because in the place of 1 house it’s written 9. But the first house always remain the first house but the Zodiac sign changes every 2 and a half hour gap. Each Zodiac sign is 30 degrees long. So remember the order. No. 9 is Sagittarius and is rising in 1 st house so your are Sagittarius ascendant. 10th house is Capricorn and it continues that way.

People see their daily horoscope by names or just by date and Zodiac sign. Okay whatever. It’s nothing like Scorpios and Taurus make money. It’s a completely different thing which took me years to understand. But the above method is the best and only method to read a Chart in Vedic astrology.


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