Sun in 1 st House


Sun is the main planet in the Solar System. When Sun shines, no other plant is visible.It is the most important planet in Vedic Astrology. When a person has Sun placement in the 1st house it signifies that the person is egoistic. They think that they deserve to be on the top and own everything. A kingly figure. 1st house represent your body . Very aggressive nature and they want everything easily and be on the top stop. This placement makes good politicians. A selfish kind of person who wants everything done without any effort. These people mostly gets a selfish life partner too. The native is a born leader. Children will be good and can even travel abroad for further studies. Always ready to fight for your goal to achieve it. Good relation with father. The presence of Sun here gives good health. 1st house is human body and if faces any problems, Sun helps to recover fast.

Note– If you have this placement , avoid jobs. You are not a person who can take orders. You can do job but would not be able to survive. Overall this is a good place for Sun too be. And yaa avoid partnerships too. Do your own personal business .


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