Sun in 4th house

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Sun in absent in this condition.In this case you father is absent or the presence is very less and in many cases mother have to take the position of the father. Sun refers to the father and son connection and Sun in this house clearly means your relation with the father will not be good. You will get very less support from your father. The native will have to face many problems in his or her early life and will have many enemies in early life but later in life he/she will get everything due to his/her own effort. Will get rid of all the enemies in the later life after 28 to 30 years. Because Sun will always rise one day. Does not matter how dark is the night the Sun will definitely rise one day and the native will also rid of all the enemies. 4th house depicts North direction and Sun here looses all his strength. This person may also suffer from heart diseases if Sun is very badly placed. The fourth house is for heart, mind and Moon. Moon is watery planet. Native may suffer from stress in mind. The native looses his/her confidence and the native may also be unhappy in his/her early life. May have problems in getting government jobs or can have a bad political career. Problems with siblings also.

Note-Would be a good looking person but may have many problems. Can be a philosopher or may be interested in things related to secret science. So can do good in gold or silver business. Take care of bad habits, you can get them easily because of less involvement of fatherly figure.


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