Sun in 5th house

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Sun in fifth house. A good placement for Sun. Sun feels good in this house. It is the home sign for the Sun. Fifth house is for Creativity , education , Business and cinema. Native in this house feels good at home. Sun is government, father and ego. You want to be involve in all these things. Native will be good in education. Native wants to express everything . 5th house is for children also. Native will love their children. Ego is defined very creatively. Native’s father must be a business man. And the native can also be a business person.Fifth House is for children and can even depicts no child also. But their are many factors based on the degree and placement and combination. Native can be aggressive or angry person. Sun is a king. Native may have kingly qualities. Native may have problems in Stomach and digestion. Can get involved in gambling. Native can be a good writer. If health is good the native may not get enough wealth. If getting wealth, the native may suffer from health problems. Both the things don’t go in the same direction. Children will be good and well educated.

Note-If Sun is alone in this house, it can cause problem in having children and can have fertility problem. But their are other factors too. Sun is a hot planet and burns up everything. Take care of your health. Gambling can be taken positively in Stock marketing. Control your anger, the most important thing.


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