Sun in 6th House

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Sun in 6th House.6th House is for enemies. Sun is your sole. Sun represents bones. 6th house is for diseases and enemies. In the sixth house Sun wants to get over their enemies.If the Sun is badly placed, it cause diseases. Native will be able to see their enemies and get over them. It is not a bad placement for Sun. It gives both good and bad effects. 6th house is also for fears. Sun is the king and with this kingly qualities he is able to get over all his/her enemies. Health will be good. Sun also signifies digestive system and if well placed it gives good heath throughout. Sun also signifies heart. Heart will be good. Business or jobs both go good in this placement. Grand parents may feel health problems after your birth. Can face eye diseases because of brightness of the Sun so avoid going out in the Sun.

Note– Surgeon, Doctors , nurses are seen from this placement. Native’s father may be a doctor too. Well a good placement for Sun and the native can do well in both Business and job.


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