Sun in 7th house

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Seventh house is for marriage. It is not a good position for the Sun. It creates problems in your marriage life. Two marriages, fights, Diseases to spouse and no marriage in most extreme case. Spouse will be of higher family. 2nd and 7th house is ‘Maarak Sthan’. Sun here causes health problems.Not good for government gains if Sun is alone here. Sun do good in this house with mars. Seventh house is also for others. Sun is in darkness now and the kingly qualities don’t really work here. Lack of respect. Kingly qualities are in lower class. The main thing is that Sun in this house break marriages. Native wants respect from others, he wants everything but because Sun looses it’s strength the native is not able to get much respect. Ego becomes the main problem for these kind of people.You can rule but there becomes a problem in gaining respect.  Native may earn respect in a negative way. Say everybody is afraid of you or hates you behind but they have to respect you at your face. Can make good politicians. Mr. Obama is having this placement and everyone knows how he started and had problems in his marriage but he managed everything. Sun always shines at certain point.

Note– Control your ego. Be polite.Sun here gives stress. Behave well with your spouse for a good marriage life. Be careful in partnership. There can’t be two kings in one kingdom. Can make good manager, advocates and even politicians.


1 comments on “Sun in 7th house”

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