Sun in 8th House

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Okay a good placement for the sun to be. Imagine Sun or a very bright ball in a dark room. You are in a dark room but shines their. These kind of people are a bit secretive but talented too. They are not able to showcase their talent by themselves but they somehow get noticed at certain point in their life. Because in a dark room the bright ball shines and everybody sees it. It somehow indirectly get noticed. These people are able to see life till it’s depth. They are good humans who want goodness of humanity. They can earn well . They are creative beings.They do well in creative work. A work which requires research. They get angry which can cause problems. They get even more angry with the pressure of work which is not a good thing and cause problems. They lack patience a lot but you need to keep this thing in mind that patience is the key. Another thing, these people are interested in secret things or things underground or past life things but they don’t really show this. I don’t know why. May be the placement cause this.Overall a good placement for Sun to be. Keep good relation with your father because Sun is what. Father. You may also get benefit from the government.

Note– Anger and patience can cause problem. Don’t wear white clothes. Any type of addiction will cause problems.


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