Sun To Son


Son what are you doing son?

I am just making my way out of everything dear Sun.

What do you want son? asked Sun, Dear Sun.

I want the hotness of the Sun, luxury of Venus,

Knowledge of Jupiter, Sharpness of the Mars,

Blessings of Saturn and Rahu and your kingly qualities too.

Oh greedy you, you want everything, it’s not possible.

Do you know that no planets shine when I do?

Oh so why are you not shining dear Sun?

Have I done anything wrong or just you are debilitated?

I am here to teach you certain lessons Son, replied Sun.

Oh you want me to praise you daily that you mean?

You brighten every house daily, Why forgetting me?

I don’t really forget anyone, I always shine at certain point where needed.

So will you just shower some of your light on to this little soul?

Sun laughed and said, FIRST you just continue to roll.

                                                                                      -AKSHAY SWAMI


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