WOW – Feel the sensation

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What all happened was just WOW,

A feeling of depression Oh WOW,

A feeling of Anxiety was just WOW,

A bright tomorrow waiting, WOW,

Care enough for the Soul and mind,

Moon is the mind and Sun is the soul,

Make a better tomorrow, WOW,

A better place for me and the soul,

Unforgettable nights and mischief , WOW,

A little space for those little memories,

A lost soul and a brightening soul,

All the guilt and the sorrows,

Do you really have any guilt?.

Oh really no. Because it was just WOW,

Learn and raise shine and praise,

What so ever suits you ,

Don’t just care about the world,

Because it you and you are WOW,

What is life all about and why are you here?

Simple Haha To just feel the feeling of WOW,

Just go out and party hard,

Do you need a high for that?

Oh no because it’s just good and WOW,

Smoky figures and the dark hole,

Remember all that and smile,

Because it was also just WOW,

Image or passion or experience?

Everything is important because it is just WOW,

In the end I just want to give a chocolate to one person,

It’s me, Haha Because my soul is WOW,

And even Soul needs Sugary Carbs.

                                                            – AKSHAY SWAMI


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