Sun in 9th house

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Sun in ninth house. Ninth house is for faith,wisdom, Knowledge, teachers, God, foreign travel, legal matters. It is not a bad placement. Higher education, Foreign travel is indicated. Most probably the native will learn a foreign language. When Sun is placed here it signifies long travel. The relation with the father may not be so good. There are chances that the native’s parents would be from different lands and thus the native may learn foreign language in this case too. If not combined with  planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn the studies will last longer and the native will be quite good in academics. Nature may be a bit rude but positive. May own many vehicles in his/her life. Can be interested in law. After the age of 21 you will get away slowly from all your problems and be regarded as respectable citizen. Ninth house is also for luck. Native’s luck will be good. Sun is out in the sky now. Ego takes the hold of the native and depends upon the teachings of father and teachers. Native is bind by teachings and follow them throughout in law. Thus can make good lawyers. Can be good teachers.

Note– Exercise regularly. Will benefit a lot. Take care of your ego which is very high and may cause problems.


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