Sun in 10th House

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Sun in Tenth house. Tenth house is for Father. And Sun itself represents father. Tenth house depicts career, profession and jobs. Native may become good business man. Native has the ability to start things from ground or zero to something big. Enjoy a good life with sharp brain. The native will be successful in whatever field he or she want due to the brightness of the Sun.Gives Leadership qualities.Good nature will be praised. The father son relation will good.Can inspire other people through positive energies. Will have the comfort of good children specially son.Will have all the comforts of life but ya other factors may effect. The combination and degree matters. Tenth house also represents authority. Sun which is your soul is the strongest in this house.No matter how many enemies you face, you will emerge as a hero and defeat everyone due to the hardness of the Sun in this house. Overall a good placement for the Sun.Most balanced position for the Sun.

Note-Can be good politicians. Can do good in the fields related to arts.Jobs won’t suit much. Business will do well.


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