Weight loss (Complete guide)


Weight loss for men,women, boy, girls.

You won’t need to go anywhere else after reading this. All you need to know about weight loss as under:

Things you need to calculate first:

  • Body Weight.
  • Body Fat percentage.
  • Bone density.
  • Water weight.

Okay these are the only four things you need to calculate. But the most important is weight and body fat only.  Body builders or athletes calculate all four because they need to calculate each and everything. BMI ( Body mass Index) you don’t need to calculate that. One can definitely do so but not really required.

Body Weight– All know how to calculate.

Body Fat– You need a body fat caliper for that. Just buy it online from any site. Analog or digital it’s up to you but analog is better. Female body contain more fat than men and that’s natural. Body fat in women must be 10% to 12% in women for abs visibility. And in men it should be single digit.less than 10%. Abs are visible when your body fat is less. Look body builders and athletes drop their body fat % to about 5% to 4% and even some drag upto 3.5 % body fat but that’s only for their peak month. Average models and actors have it about in single digit. Which is easily achieved and is healthy and can be maintained through out the year.

How to calculate body fat?

Take the body fat caliper and pinch your body with it on your thighs, Stomach and chest.For females pinch Thighs, stomach and biceps.( girls accumulate more fat there).Now simply take the three numbers and divide them by 3. You will get your body fat percentage.

Bone Density-Bone mineral density. BMD. test provides a snap shot of your bone health.(determines the risk for fractures during heavy workout). Not really required if your goal is just to loose weight.

Body Water weight– A well hydrated body is healthy and is less likely to retain water. Extra sodium and Carbs holds water weight. When you cut sodium and carbs slowly you loose water weight. Body fat contains approx 10% water and body muscle contains 75% of water.Men should have a total water percentage between 50 and 65 % while woman between 45 and 60 percent.

So after calculating body weight and body fat you have to decide where you body stands and what you goal is to gain weight or rather healthy muscle or to loose weight or rather only body fat and not the muscle. People mis- guide this thing, you need to do smart work more than hard work. One of my friend she just walk 8 kms a day and still no result. Why? You need to understand you can’t loose body fat in a day or not even in a week . If you workout twice a day than also you would be able to loose only 1% body fat in a week. And if you walk a lot and do cardio for very long , you simply start to burn up your muscle instead of fat. Your body goes from Anabolic to catabolic. And to stop that you need BCAA which is branched chain Amino acid. The thing is to simply do cardio for 20 minutes to 25 minutes max , With a proper diet containing BCAA  naturally or BCAA supplement.

Okay, You get BCAA from food as well but you get it mostly from non-veg food. Egg whites, chicken and fish contain BCAA naturally, cheeze(paneer),milk are even good source of protein and BCAA. If you are vegetarian you must add protein powder(which contains BCAA) and BCAA supplement in your diet which is the key factor for saving the muscle and tapping fat. Okay this post is for fat loss so you need a proper diet plan, a caloric deficit diet plan. Egg whites,chicken,fish and whey protein powder are lean source of protein where as paneer and milk contains fat and carbs. Paneer has same amount of protein and fat but no carbs.Milk contains all three.

How to tap fat and prevent muscle mass.?

  • Eat proper clean nutrition.
  • Workout 6 times a week. (cardio for 20 minutes and weight training for 40 minutes dat’s it.)
  • rest.( Don’t overtax yourself and take proper rest for about 8 hours a day).
  • Maintain your testosterone level.( Don’t masterbate or intimate much you as you will be low on carbs and will lack certain nutrition.) Don’t know why people don’t talk about it but testosterone is the key factor for weight loss and muscle gain as well. Once a week is good and healthy while cutting and twice or max thrice a week when bulking.

A SAMPLE DIET PLAN ( both veg and non-veg) as under:

Vegetarian                                                    Non-Vegetarian 

A glass of lemon water.( 7:30 a.m.)

Meal 1. ( 8 a.m.)

  • 30 gm oats.                      or                    5 egg whites
  • 1 scoop whey protein.                          1 whole egg
  • half banana.                                           Onion tomato and bell pepper.
  • 10 almonds.                                           2 spoon peanuts

Meal 2. ( 11 a.m.)

  • whole apple.
  • 10 to 12 cashews.

Meal 3. ( 2 p.m.)

  • 100 gm paneer / cheese.              or       100 gm chicken breast.
  • Half cup broccoli. ( boiled).
  • Tomatoes and onion in paneer.

( Don’t use oil for cooking). Cooking spray will work. If not then use 1 little spoon olive oil).

Meal 4. (4 p.m.)

  • A scoop of whey protein.                              or        5 egg white
  • A spoon of peanut butter.                                        1 whole egg

Meal 5. ( 8 p.m.)

  • A simple chappati .( Without oil).
  • Mixed boiled veggies. ( Tomato, onion , bell pepper ) .
  • Half cup curd.

( don’t add potato in veggies because it is simple carb and also it is a low carb diet).

Meal 6. (10 p.m).

  • A glass of milk without sugar.
  • 10 almonds.
  • 10 cashews.

Don’t add sugar. It is simple carb and the most harmful thing in any diet. Instead add sugar free or rather consume simply. Tastes awesome.

Workout Meal:

You can workout any time of the day whether morning or evening. It does not matter. You can even workout in the night as well. I do that sometimes. But please don’t judge me on this. We have 24 hours a day and can utilize it and mold it according to our need. The thing is just to spare an hour which is nearly nothing when talking about ourselves.

Pre- workout:

  • A cup of black coffee or you can add a pre workout supplement.(which contains caffeine).
  • 1 scoop BCAA supplement. ( As a vegetarian diet you surely need that).

Post workout:

  • 1 scoop whey.
  • multivitamin tablet.( any company).
  • Flax seed oil.( kind of vegetarian fish oil).  Kidding.

Your body consumes most nutrients after workout and in the morning after breakfast.You can add these two tablets in the morning as well. Limcee Which is vitamin C. Can also abe added.

Note– If you workout in the morning. Don’t go empty stomach. Go after meal 1 or add 1 scoop BCAA which will protect your body muscle. If you don’t, your workout will be of no use. Really. Smart work is needed more than hard work.

KEY POINT: You follow this diet for about 10 weeks and will loose weight every week but you need to have a high carb day once a week .every 7th day you will follow this nutrition.


  • 3 brown bread.                                                         or Bread omlette.
  • 100 gm paneer.                                                          3 brown bread.
  • cucumber, onion and tomato sandwich.             4 egg whites and 1 whole egg.

Meal 2.

  • Fruit salad
  • Grapes.( half cup)
  • apple.(half)
  • mangoe.(half)

Meal 3.

  • 100 gm paneer.                                                  or  100 gm chicken breast.
  • 70 gm brown rice.                                                   70 gm brown rice.
  • Veggies.                                                                      veggies.

Meal 4.

  • 3 brown bread.
  • 1 cup soya chunks.

Meal 5.

  • 2 chappati
  • 1 cup lentils.
  • 1cup curd.

Things to avoid :

  •  Simple carbs- Poha, pasta, maggie, potato, white rice.
  • soft drinks.
  • Desi ghee or oil.
  • sugar. ( not really required for weight loss).
  • Alcohol.( Only empty calories, no nutrition).
  • Smoking.(can do but will effect stamina).
  • drugs.( Haha don’t workout or eat just enjoy, you will loose weight automatically and will die soon). Sorry. But true.


Workout 6 times a day and train each and every muscle group at least once a week. And do cardio daily for 20- 25 minutes. Go to gym and ask the trainer to design your workout split according to your goals. Trainer will guide you how to workout but the nutrition is in your hand which is the key factor. You can even workout at home if you have knowledge and a little equipment. Depends on your goal. What you want to be and where you want to take you body.


Your motive should be simple as to loss weight and protect your muscle mass. When you follow this diet you will definitely loose 0.7% to 1% body fat per week.


Oh oh oh …………Just relax ……..it takes time………you did not gained weight suddenly. It took you much time and hard work while eating junk and drinks and bla bla bla. Just be patient and calculate your body fat and weight slowly.


A must needed thing. Clothes don’t fit you anymore, You look fat in your pics. Develop acne.( due to unhealthy diet). Yes you can. Your face fat will also decrease slowly. I can give you this thing in written. The thing is that you need to do whatever it takes. Yes you need to do it. No one will come and tell you that you are fat but rather it is reverse. When you loose weight people say the opposite that you look unhealthy . Don’t you eat food. Start eating food dear. REALLY!!!!! please don’t pass such comments . I say fat to people who are really fat. They must face the the reality. I want them to take my comment seriously and just start working. Why praise anyone when they don’t deserve. De- motivate them. Motivation is not the key. De- motivation is the key. Motivation must be yours and only yours. If you want some one to work on it or any thing just de-motivate them and see the magic. Well that’s my way . I really don’t praise anyone. If you want anyone to work just say things which hurt them. Love is required but things don’t go that way. Please. You need to be tough from inside to de-motivate others. YOU ARE FAT AND YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN LIFE, YOU ARE OF NO USE, I LL GIVE A PACKET OF CHOCOLATE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. ……..jUST SHUT UP MAN. OKAY , IT HURTED  YOU .GOOD IT WORKED. In the end it is just you vs. you who can achieve anything you want . Fat is just so simple to drop but it takes time. If you were not born with a disease or problem and still facing these issues…..than the problem is within you. Work today and life a healthy life. Take care. Good luck.

Formula– Burn more calories than you consume.


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