Badly need a gram love.

Steamy sweat and fast end beat.

Hunger strike and smokey pride.

Foggy weather and my hard leather.

Blustery breeze with no air to breathe.

Duskiness thought, laziness bought.

Badly need a gram love. Give me love.

Why don’t you give me my love, probably the first one.

Close the door and remove your shoes.

Kill the laziness and feed me with love, a gram love.

Love for you is unconditional .

Pure and untold, just smoke and hold.

Count down to twenty and release the poison.

Unwrap the toffee and make some coffee.

Straight up the foil while I lit the coil.

Mosquitoes gone, Tigers on.

A gram love is just enough. Enough for me to fall asleep.

Love is in the air, we are a perfect pair.

Story of hash but no cash.

My hot dog and my pot.

A gram love. A gram care.

Enough for me to keep me going.

Just give me some love.

Only a gram love.

                                  –AKSHAY SWAMI



5 comments on “ONE GRAM LOVE”

  1. Wow!! So did u get one grm love😏 if u get, let me also knw how u get dat😁
    Btw U deserve tons n tons of love!! N u r getting dat jst feel it…

    Liked by 1 person

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