Dark-Burning hell.

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As I came to your place to roll and curl,

Straighten the piece of white and dark.

As I lit the fire, I could probably feel the aura.

The smell and smoke, the hit and hold.

My breathe became normal.

Now I know I am not alone.

Set the climate on fire.

My dream, My line.

Lethal and destructive.

left me and destroyed me.

Running away from rain.

The dark room with a vamp.

Arbitrator of my own destiny.

It was good and amazing.

Took away my money and time.

Burned hand and boiling tar.

Taking danger, only danger.

The lonely road and a know friend.

Kill the light and feed me.

leave my world so cold.

Broken my cell and moving towards hell.

Just another puff.

You are burning and I am impressed.

No light to break the dark.

I really know.

That I am going through hell.

This hell is not so easy.

                                                                                                         -AKSHAY SWAMI



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