Silent love


My love for you is complete.

My love for you is pure.

You never speak or say anything.

You came and burned me up.

Just whisper those three words and I will come running.

Our story is complete but silent.

Whenever we meet, We never talk.

Whenever I text you don’t reply.

Took away my money and Time.

We love the dark and heat together.

Always looking up for a catalyst.

Just to speed up the high.

You burn and disappear.

I smoke and Whisper.

Our story is strange but complete.

It’s a silent love story.

Away from the rules of society.

A story. Silent and unknown love story.

                                                                      -AKSHAY SWAMI


6 comments on “Silent love”

  1. Hello! As far as I can figure out, I think you are talking about the love between you and a cigarette here! Am I right? 🤔 If it is so, I am really awed by how perfectly you have expressed the relationship. It’s very intense, and at the same time, intriguing! Loved reading. 😇


      1. More than a cigarette is just a simple form of man made stuff customized manually from old to modern times just to improve the performance of the cigarette. And yaa thanks for liking it .😇😇

        Liked by 1 person

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