You are the reason for my smile.

You are the reason for my sorrow.

You are the reason for my pain.

You are reason for my life.

The silent talks and lasting fights.

Wherever you are , just stay.

Love or lust?

Someone is still waiting.

Someone is still questioning.

Awake and thinking.

Texting and deleting.

Days and nights.

Life and death.

Why am I here?

What the universe wants me to do.

Find a reason indeed.

Talks and talks.

Nights and days.

Everywhere and every place.

No Sun, no Sunlight , but still burning.

No clouds, no rain , but still wet.

Your own wish , Your own soul.

No storm but still shattered.

God is just nearby.

Just close your eyes and feel.

Be comfortable and walk.

Find a Reason.

Find a Reason.

                           -AKSHAY SWAMI


13 comments on “Reason”

    1. Mmmmm…..could be a possibility….it’s for a lost soul to find a reason and yes I won’t deny for the fact sandhya that I was also literally lost at a point in my life….well now a think its a beautiful journey to continue and what all happened was just wow.😃😃

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      1. Yup…but whatever we come through, we still feel that emptiness right? Our soul is sobbing for something it’s happened to me also even I’m happy now but I can feel that void feeling, don’t you???

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yaa very true ….emptiness doesn’t leave us….when you alone and suddenly hit that flashback someday sometime…..but now which has gone….sometimes it’s better to be what it is rather than to think…

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      3. Yaa I also get these feelings….but anyway it’s better to move sometimes… d way what’s you story behind writing…..and m happy to find that you too are happy and Moved away.😃😃😃😃……feeling should be in our control…..but very hard to control…it’s all the game of moon ….the mind….which rules our thought process.

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