Lost and Found


Got by losing everything.

Falling like a shooting star.

Royal blue blood.

Untouched by light.

Falling dreams from the eyes.

Lost the loved ones.

What is it?

Salty tears and bleeding heart.

Awake in the heart.

Leave me on my own.

Heart speaking out.

Which I started will be finished.

Something like a touch.

Alive is enough.

All day all night.

Take my address.

But you won’t find me anymore there.

Slowly and slowly.

Just touched and passed away.

Found by losing.

Lost and Found.

                            AKSHAY SWAMI


21 comments on “Lost and Found”

  1. Hey! This is a bit tough to understand, it’s deep. What did you mean by the word “touched” here? Please let me know, I am really really wanting to understand this poem. 😄
    -Firefly 🐝


    1. Firefly I don’t really know if you can get this but it means which I started will be finished.
      Any work you start should definitely have an end. If you die with certain desires in life , you will probably come back. To get out of this cycle of rebirth you must die without any desires. And that’s true. Work here is compared to as touch which is smooth, quick and full of feelings and emotions.

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      1. Ohhh, okay, now I understand this. Yes, even I have heard about what you said, one can never be truly free if he has desires. Beautiful piece of work. 💙 Haha, I like challenging poems, which demand a lot of brain to figure out the meaning. This is definitely one of those. 😹

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it chandni…..I also truely loved your firefly. How you describe yourself with it in every comment and every place is amazing and UNIQUE in itself..and yes waiting for your new post as well.😃😃😃😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yayy! Thankyou, Akshay. 🌼 Wow, that’s such a lovely thing to hear, someone’s waiting for me to write, hehe. But, last week was a wonderful phase. I wrote a lot. Now, I am blank again, as usual. 😹 This writer is blocked.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OMG! 😄 That’s sooo sweet. And true too. I don’t know hehe. When I put pen to paper, I feel like, kya hota hai ye writing? Kaise likhte hain? I have no idea. 🙀 But, you have inspired me. So thankyou very very much. I’m going to try right away. 🌼

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    1. Yaa true dat….at a certain point I was faded Swapnil….but holding on is the way….you are correct on that….Patience is the key….and yaa eagerly waiting for that one way too.😃😃😃


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