Bad Party


Heavy and Heavy,

Dance to the beat.

Shouting and singing.

Turn of the lights and join the flow.

You and me together in a joint.

Cocktail of light and dark.

Let’s even bunk this party girl.

Off road creator and a sheet.

Setting the climate on fire.

Without warning sleepy head.

From kind to harsh.

From Human to Zombie.

Heavy and heavy , Hard and hard.

My cars head light and my phones flash light.

Totally making a off road disco.

No brother you are not allowed.

Leaving Humanity behind creating a new world.

A world beyond the rules of the society.

From me or from you.

It’s our thing and our stuff.

Not pure but flowing.

Just go away and let me feed.

Yaa there is an option , the best option in my phone itself.

It’s called flight mode.

Heavy and Heavy, darker and darker by time.

From second to minutes.

Hour to the day.

The party is not yet over.

Veins popping and the loss done.

Popular Powder without publisher.

Rising blood pressure and Baking soda with water.

Brain stimulating and heart beating.

Inhaling high air, the purest one.

Yes it’s a party, A bad one.

                                                -AKSHAY SWAMI


9 comments on “Bad Party”

  1. Your words give me a glimpse of a crowded, chaotic, party of drug addicts. 😛 I wasn’t able to connect all the things together, but it does seem wild! It would be great if you could explain what this actually conveys. I’m sorry I’m always asking for explainations. 😬
    -Firefly 🐝


    1. Haha….I would always love to explain it to you Chandni…It’s a crowded drug bad party….conveys the experience of a boy and a girl . They both enter the rave party and get high and after that they even bunk the party to enjoy separately under the dark ….with Car and phone flash light…Powder which is the drug is impure but seems pure to the consumers. They switch their phone to flight mode and enjoy every second , minute and hour covering the whole day.


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