Heart and Soul


Another day has passed.

You never came and you won’t ever come.

It was happy but it’s gone.

That evening gossip and Lasting sensation.

Hidden and moving.

Same game but different levels.

Moving fast, same road but different riders.

Breathe telling the soul to say goodbye.

Heart interfering , Hey bro listen here.

Nights like this will come and pass.

Pass and pass say hi or just goodbye.

Where are you going , Wait and listen.

I can’t take you along.

Love or maybe lust.

Boundation or foundation?

Using or Making?

Love or Lust.?

Bliss , Kiss and Sip.

letters just shattered.

Roses or loses?

Why you came and why you going?

Shining and fading.

Happy and Sad.

Coming and just going.

Journey or destination?

Thinking and thinking.

Up and Up then down and down.

Soul replied oh! wait my dear heart.

You are just so confusing.

Listen to my boss.

His name is mind and he is just so clear and solved.

Practical and only practical.

Come on and join us.

It’s a journey and we will move together.

Dear Heart ,you always create problems and confusions.

Heart in an emotional tone.

Oh hello! If I stop you both are of no use.

So mind your words .

                                        -AKSHAY SWAMI


7 comments on “Heart and Soul”

  1. Yayyy! Another poem here. This makes me happy. 🌼 So, this is an argument between the heart and soul, haina? I like the way you have personified the heart and soul, like they have their own emotions and personality. It’s interesting. Loved the end. Maybe the brain and soul hurt the heart’s ego, haha. 😹

    Btw, please explain this to me.

    “Same game but different levels.
    Moving fast, same road but different riders.”
    Are you talking about love here?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaa heart and soul. Yaa the heart takes it to it’s heart at the end. Heart is full of emotions and Mind is the king.
      Same game but different levels is not love ……it’s about all of us. We all are in the same game of life with different levels. Everybody is just moving very fast and running like a rat race..the roads are same and they will always be same but the riders will be different always. Chandni just go out and see ….everybody body is just moving like a rat race in the game of life. And again go out after an hour. You will notice that the riders are different but the roads are same. The game is same. But levels are different for everyone. Some are on foot. Some on bicycles and some in cars. Cars also different. These are the levels . Everybody is just running in this rat race game.

      Glad you liked it firefly.😃😃😃😃

      Liked by 1 person

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