Greetings from loneliness


You came again to greet me.

Remember the time when I first met you.

Hold you and gather you in my arms.

Not your way, don’t follow.

Whatever it is.

You can escape anyone but no one can escape you.

Enter the dream and kill the night.

From you to me.

Alive is enough.

Come on let’s walk along some day.

Not even asking you to leave.

Air providing oxygen.

And asking me to walk along.

Not yet met myself completely.

And walking with you.

Breaking dreams and moving fast.

Sometimes I need to add friend.

And the other time I feel like blocking you.

You are the teacher and I am your student.

You are known but no one can keep you.

Don’t call me or text me.

But okay add me , We will walk along.

And ya don’t forget to tag me.

Dear loneliness.

                                -AKSHAY SWAMI



17 comments on “Greetings from loneliness”

  1. Ahaan, this is such a unique concept. A poem dedicated to loneliness! Interesting! 😄
    “You can escape anyone but no one can escape you.”
    I agree with this thing. One cannot just escape loneliness. Love it or hate it, but you cannot escape from it. 😬

    “You are the teacher and I am your student.”
    This line is so deep and meaningful. Indeed, loneliness does teach us a lot of important things that we cannot learn being around people. 🌼
    Beautifully written. Aur likhho!
    -Firefly 🐝

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    1. Yaa very true … just can’t escape from it……you got it all really right . The time you are alone is the most important time of your life. Depression can be compared to it as well.
      People find depression as the luxury of those who can afford it.
      But it’s actually worst and lethal.
      Loneliness is simply depression.
      But you gotta take everything positively.
      Thanks for reading and understanding so deep and motivating me firefly.
      Yaa definitely will write more.🤗🤗🤗🤗

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      1. Yesss. Being alone and enjoying it, is Solitude. But being alone and hating it, is Loneliness. Atleast, that is what I feel. 🤔 And, I have always wanted to understand people going through depression, it’s very tough. One of my friends is going through the same, and the thing is that we cannot identify them. 😬 They appear to be so happy and jolly from the outside, but the inside story is something completely different. I wish I could do anything at all to help them.

        Anyways, it’s always a pleasure for me, to read you. 😇💙

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      2. Big salute to you Chandni if you are wanting to help out you friend. Because in my experience I haven’t seen any outsiders standing along in this situation. It’s a very serious matter and very hard for people to understand. The only thing which can help is love and care.
        It’s just so simple. Try to understand the mental condition.
        Go to doctor and you will get mood stabilizers.( which are not required).
        Astrology.( you can find depression through astrology).
        Mind which is planet moon in astrology.
        Mind is everything.
        All you need to do is check the condition of the moon.
        But then many astrology are even fake out there.
        I study a bit Astro myself.
        But I don’t remember anyone outsider standing out there for me when I was in this condition.
        Help your friend anyway.
        Thanks for your kindness.

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      3. That’s true. People don’t understand. Majority of the people feel like depression isn’t something serious, like it is caused because of you, and you can cure it by yourself. 😼 That’s not true, haina? And I am wanting to help, but I don’t know how. It feels a bit weird when we try to give all the love and put all efforts into them, yet they tend to prefer staying aloof. 😬

        Oh, is it related to the moon? I didn’t know that. Will surely research about this thing. And have you gone through this yourself? I’m sorry that you had to. Cannot imagine how difficult it must be. 🙁

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      4. Yaa it’s very hard to understand. That’s true ……it’s you vs . You . Only you can cure it . Positive people around can help you in the course but it’s only you. No doctor….. no medicine. Just a proper mind set and a reason would be enough. Yaa it happens. Every other word would be a curse word from these type of people. But we need to understand their mental state that what they want and what they are going through. If not taken care properly, many end up doing suicide and I know many cases like that. They need to be kept alone but proper care is much needed.

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      5. Oh God. And in this You vs You, which side wins, we cannot say! Oh, please don’t say that. 🙁 I have heard of suicide cases too and that feels so terrrrible. Thankyou very much for talking to me about all this. I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

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