How often? A bad poetry


How often have you been there?

Shiva , Buddha or double dip.

Weed , hash or double death.

Stag , fisher or just moments.

Coke , H or Sugar.

Hiding and running.

Depressed and shattered.

Touch and fall.

Silent and broken.

Cold turkey or hot coffee.

Acid and crack.

Uppers and downers.

Not my lover.

Love or lust?

Be careful what you do.

Just dance and give me chance.

Poison and dragon.

What’s going in.

Away and away.

Parallel and away from the rules.

Rahu or Saturn?

Karma or drama?

Tin foil and my pen.

Chaser and dragon.

Devil into play.

Don’t do like this honey.

I bought this for money.

Dry tongue and a wet shot.

Liver and lungs soaked up.

King of all times.

Just a thought.

Shop of addiction and a regular customer.

Not collecting just wasting.

Look take it easy and understand.

Let me sleep and just sleep.

My wind pipe and the tarr.

What the hell are you smoking for?

Running over the sheet with a note and a shot.

One thing and emotions.

Lost under the sheet and pressure.

Another mistake and just gone.

Lasting stick and my lighter.

Dollar and the powder.

Faint and faded.

Does it matter to you ?

Ghost , touch and a smoky figure.

Got so far, very far.

Away from the eye can see.

Leaving humanity behind.

Codeine, Crack and Mac.

Not air nor pro but pure.

Pulled the veins and switch the blood.

Royal blood , untouched by light.

How often have you been there?

Not even required.

                                  -AKSHAY SWAMI



14 comments on “How often? A bad poetry”

  1. I have never been there, so I don’t really understand a major part of your poem here. There are glimpses of drug and addiction and a kind of dizziness, and I am guessing some of the words are alcoholic drinks or something, others might be drugs. 😐 Please explain what’s happening here. Also, I am very intrigued by one thought, why are most of your poems themed on drugs and addiction? 😬


  2. The author here is asking the readers if they have been there in such a situation….or completely lost state. Which is never good. But it is a state of addiction. I am not in favor of addiction. Yaa these are the names of certain over the counter drugs. Drugs is the major problem these days everywhere. I was researching on this for quite a long time. And yaa thanks for asking this.😃😃😃😃

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    1. Yess. I have seen in movies huh, what happens after you are drugged. You are transported to a completely different world. In Sanju, they even portrayed it like a very colourful garden with flowers all around, hehe. I don’t think aisa hota hoga. 😹

      Ahaan, I agree. That’s a very good attempt then. But, you know, after reading your stuff, the reader feels like it’s you who is addicted, haha. 😆 Sorry if I’m sounding stupid.


      1. Anything can happen under addiction…..but only in your imagination. You can imagine happy to happy and worse to worse things.
        I haven’t seen the movie but I can 100% relate to this. His imagination must be portrait in certain scenes.

        Haha not stupid chandni. …..if the reader feels so , then I think the author must be describing correctly. Hann may be. 🤭 and yaa I have experienced these things personally and I won’t deny for the fact.😃

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      2. Ohhh! OMG, I don’t know what to say huh. That means your words are not just fiction, or observation, they come from experience! I don’t know what to feel about this. 😬 I’m glad you are inspiring people to leave all these stuff.

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