Unknown journey


Walking down the line.

Just behind and behind.

My bar in my car.

Drive the roads and search the poison.

Empty street with my shadow .

Heavy and very heavy darkness.

No peeps no shadow.

Just dogs barking and following.

Gangs and bottles with bloody veins.

Moving along to find a perfect zone.

Breathe and move, a long way to go.

Oh just switch it off and chase it.

Chase it. Chase it. Chase it.

No mirror no pen.

Focus and drive.

Pull the collar and chase it.

Stranger searching and searching .

Walking along in the arms of unknown sheet.

Own way and own dreams.

Killing and hiding with a hidden talent.

A journey of a lost boy and lost soul.

                                                                -AKSHAY SWAMI



16 comments on “Unknown journey”

  1. Hey! Am I guessing right that there’s a guy who’s driving in his car, alone in the middle of the night. He spots gangs of alcoholics and is tempted to go behind them, but something stops him. Maybe his conscience? 🤔


    1. Mmmm. Chasing is following the smoke. Done with a pipe chaser. To chase the smoke and is known as chasing the dragon. Am I providing some information that should not be revealed.?🤭 but people must know. Awareness is the key here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh! I’m getting lots of new information here. Nahi naaa, people should definitely know. Now, if I here this *chasing the dragon*, I’ll know what they mean. 😛 True, awareness is a must!

        Liked by 1 person

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