Dangerous Devil


Fallen apart.

Fading and Fainting.

From Heart to Heart.

A Hug and a Kiss.

I can’t really tell you what it feels like.

Hold my hand and walk with me.

A perfect pair it seems like.

Melting perfectly.

A smiling Broken Smile.

Something is happening.

Don’t know what but just happening.

Bleeding nose and just a Hit Hot Bit.

A smooth and pure thing.

Definitely not my lover.

Feeling really good.

Following the pattern of the Devil.

And moving along with him.

                                                      -AKSHAY SWAMI


20 comments on “Dangerous Devil”

  1. Hi Chandni …..M so far so good…..u tell.
    Okay so this one is about Cocaine and the consumer who is addicted so badly and not able to give up the habit …..hug and a kiss with the drug. Bleeding nose when consumer overdose the drug.
    The addict is fading quickly and not clear about why he is doing so.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like how you take your time and keep the reader’s wondering where this guy has disappeared. 😮 But when you’re back, you bring so much great content with you. I appreciate this. ☺🌼


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