La Club


A little bit of fun along,

Put the Denims on.

With the Puma and das on.

Right now. Just listen to me right now.

But at times I lost there.

Nothings gonna change.

Five things I want there.

Curling Flake.

Low lights.

Perfect Bass.

One Last shot.

A lonely girl.

Gonna get everything with a high.

Keep that in mind and remember.

The five things they want to have.

A Fit jean.

A perfect pair of socks.

Sparkling shoes.

My money.

And my Time.

I put my trust and pushed so hard.

Got into the club and shared.

Standing under a disco roof ,

And feeling the Love and the pain.

                                                              -AKSHAY SWAMI


5 comments on “La Club”

  1. Yay, I think I figured out the meaning of this perfectly. 😹 See, I think you wrote something like there’s one giy getting ready to go to the club. He says, if I go there, I want these five things. And in return, the club owners want five things, including my time and money! So, maybe he’s feeling the love of being at that club, and the pain that he has to spend his time and money too. Hainaa? Or no? 😬

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    1. Yaaa one guy who gets ready to go to a disco club. Yaa he wants these 5 things.
      Yaaa owner also wants 5 things. Because I remember one day I went to a club and wasn’t allowed to get in because I was in shorts and chappals.🙈
      Jeans and shoes are compulsory in some disco club.
      Yaa he is enjoying club.😍
      Yaa pain of spending money….but on a thing that has no nutrition but only empty calories i.e. alcohol.

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      1. Ohh, so his guy is you. Is it really? Chappal isn’t allowed? 😮 Haha, weird rules, like it’s a school or what. I never went to a club, what’s it like? Is it really like the ones in movies? People dance and drink so much that they loose all control. Does something like this happen? 😹 I am curious to know.
        Okay, the essence of the poem I was unable to understand. Pain of spending on calorie-less drink!

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      2. Yaa shorts and chappals are not allowed. Yaa totally same what we see in movies. Yaa some people.☺️ Disco , dance and drinks.
        Not really spending on drink but drinking. More you drink…..more you do wrong to yourself.
        Btw….I don’t drink now.☺️☺️☺️☺️

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