Let’s weed it with a beat


Far of the eye can see.

More of the brain can imagine.

Beyond the Myth.

4 20 the time.

Police code or perfect J time?

Both in here.

Celebrating 4 20 with a high.

Crushed and roasted.

Smoke and hold it.

My water bottle and chocolate.

Cream biscuit and lighter.

Toffee and coffee.

Hunger and Stronger.

Two strong puff and a pass.

A broken bottle top.

Heart beating faster and faster.

Dry tears and dry tongue.

With a perfect mountain Aura.

And a perfect 4 20 time.

                                            -AKSHAY SWAMI


16 comments on “Let’s weed it with a beat”

  1. Ahaan, I can understand this one much better. 😛 I think there’s one guy and girl here, and they have come to the mountains to celebrate something. And they have brought biscuits and toffees too. 😸 Also, they have prepared cigarette too. They are enjoying! Tell me what’s J-time? Or 4 20? 🤔

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  2. Yaa perfect …..one guy and a girl in the mountains ……enjoying Mountain stuff with the perfect Aura. Yaa because after they Completely their J ( which is Joint).
    They feel very thirsty and hungry so they have chocolate, biscuits and toffee and also water bottle. Yaa they have prepared Joint of mountain weed.
    J time is Joint time.
    And 4 20 is perfect Joint smoking time. And in some countries 4 20 is the date which is celebrated as official weed smoking day. In some countries it’s legal na.☺️

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    1. Joint is what? The thing that they roll the cigarette wala stuff into and then smoke, haina? 🤔 Okay, such details huh. I am overwhelmed. I know so little. And, I have another doubt too. 4 20 AM or PM? 😹 I don’t know why I’m feeling like all these details come from experience, like all these poems are something that you have experienced. Writer never write pure fiction. 😛


      1. Yaa the combination of weed and tobacco in a Rolling sheet is called Joint.
        😂it’s probably evening time. You understand so deep. Good reader.☺️
        Yaa I have seen these things personally.☺️

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      2. Haha, I’m just curious about things, I know I shouldn’t be. These things are bad, but still somewhat fascinating. Drinks, and drugs and cigarettes and stuff. 😹 If I get a chance, I’d like to ask some addict person, why do they do such things? 🤔

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      3. Y you should not be. Information and awareness is the key. If one has proper information…..one won’t do such things. And in India….people lack information and end up doing wrong to themselves.

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      4. Exactly, I agree with you. Everyone should have information. But, you know, like we are being taught since childhood that drinking and smoking is bad for health. But, those kids who heard the same thing in my class with me, they do smoke and drink today. 😹 I’m like, tum bhi toh wahin the. Seekha nai kuch? 😕

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      5. Haha go ahead and ask. U will never find the correct answer. Because they themselves don’t know. And often blame situations and problems for their addiction.
        Some are depressed and some do to end their loneliness to find a partner in crime.

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      6. Ahaan, you’re right again. There’s no one single reason for addiction. 🤔 Either way, I just don’t like people who do these things. Once I saw my bus driver smoking too, and I was so tempted to ask him why do you smoke! It’s so irritating na. Even young people, even kids are trapped into this.

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