Little One


One girl named love.

Why she came and why she’s gone.

Sunset tea without her.

You gone but questions left.

Unanswered and untold.

Everything changed.

Seen the changing Power .

On the roof with a full Moon light.

A touch and a cry.

With a chocolate and a card.

I found my Paradise.

All over me and all over you.

A bad idea with a Princess.

Gathered but shattered.

                                                 -AKSHAY SWAMI


4 comments on “Little One”

  1. Lost love? I guess, you loved her very much, and she left without a reason. 😬 Please explain these lines,
    “A bad idea with a Princess.
    Gathered but shattered.”

    Also, you know I noticed one unique thing about your poems. Every line paints a different picture in the reader’s mind, a different thought, a different story. 🤔 The lines seem to function independently as well as together. Your poems are like the fast-forward scenes in movies, hehe. So many images, overlapped on one another! I love it. 🌼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The author is trying to feel the pain of separation here. As it is a lost love ….which is gone so it was a bad idea with d princess. When someone is broken……it’s shattered and moving on is gathered. (Piece of hearts).
      Oh Thanks a lot Chandni for d appreciation…..glad you liked it.😇


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