Swing with a Wing

Reality and Truth.

Again and Again.

Soul with a heart.

Blue jogger with a white top.

Princess with a Stone.

Not perfect but Compatible.

In your heart and your Breathe.

Curly Hair with a Perfect Lip.

Secured and Protected.

Time Moving and Heart Beating.

White Drink and a Challenge.

A smoke and a treat.

Ice Cream and a drive.

Can’t tell what it really is.

That’s alright because Just Love the Way you Love.

Asking me the reason.

Giving me the answers.

No demands and No Complaints.

Just Living The Moment with a Smile.

Don’t know the reason But Moving.

Something is about to Happen.

Just not aware But it’s there.

She is here but still searching.

Pleasing Myself and not caring.

A drink and a Smoke.

From the River of Love.

To the lake of Hope.

From Your goodness to my badness.

Not thinking but Just Moving.

                                                        -AKSHAY SWAMI


2 thoughts on “Swing with a Wing

  1. Nice poem ## enjoyed reading
    Liked it , especially its title ” Swing with a wing “😍😍😍😍 & these lines
    You are the Boss and M your Client.
    From the River of Love.
    To the lake of Hope

    Liked by 1 person

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