Bad night Good morning!


Just like that a morning smile.

A black and high morning.

Remember the night?

From me to god.

Something higher than me.

Blank and lonely night.

No promise no hopes.

Come and give me a hug.

Dear loneliness.

Upset from myself.

Rolling and chasing.

Listen to the nights and the figures.

Smoky figures.

Rahu in play.

Burning thumb and dead skin.

Burning shirt and my stuff.

Lost and sinking.

Dry throat and dry tongue.

Clean the glass and draw a line.

Chase the line with a drop.

It’s a night, a sad one.

Roll the Joint, drag and pass.

No one to pass!

Alive is enough.

Night , a bad one.

Which I started will be finished.

Devil’s Voice.

Good morning with a smile.

A fake one.

                    -AKSHAY SWAMI


38 comments on “Bad night Good morning!”

  1. Hey Akshay! How have you been? 🐝 It feels like a relief to read your work again, haha. I am glad. So, is this about depression? What I could figure out, was there’s a dark night, and a guy is sitting lonely, he smokes but has nobody to share the cigarette with! Also, I know Rahu is something related to planets, but exactly nahi pata what it means here. 🤔 One more doubt, please explain me this line, “Clean the glass and draw a line.
    Chase the line with a drop.”

    And the ending, I think I have read this before. Have you ever said this before? What I started will be finished? It sounds very familiar. Anyways, I really like this poem. Very well written. 🌼

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    1. Hey firefly….m absolutely fine. Where you disappeared.? How z your college?
      Yaaa it’s about depression and addiction.
      The guy is alone and has nobody to share the cigarette. (Joint).
      Rahu loves to break rules. And work against the rules of the society.
      Rahu is badly placed can land people in jail too. And addiction is all about breaking rules.
      Draw the line as in Cocaine line which is drawn on a clear clean glass and then consumed.
      Chase the line of cocaine followed by a drop of liquid which is taken by nose after finishing the line. As in water or juice something.
      Haha I have written this before.
      Hatts off to your memory.
      This line has a very deep meaning na.
      I love this line. And it can be compared to anything in life.
      Thanks a lot for liking this poem and understanding so deep.
      You always get into things and crave for something. Which is a quality and should be appreciated.😃


      1. Ahaan, that’s good to know. I was just around here, wanting to deactivate again. 😛 But, couldn’t haha. College is going perfect, I am learning new things everyday. Only, I haven’t got the courage to write a single word. I hate this phase. 😹

        Ohh! Yes yes, I have seen that in movies. Again, I think I saw this in Sanju. 😛 It’s a blissful feeling. Yayy, even I don’t know how I remembered, but I just felt like you have said this before. Hehe, I crave for understanding people’s thoughts and feelings maybe. Thankyouu! It’s you who should be appreciated for writing this lovely piece of poem. 🌼 Baaki ke poems I’ll read tomorrow. 😹 Seeyouu!

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      2. Don’t do that……I told you this before also. Earlier also you deactivated. You have written a lot. Don’t just let it go. And you write well.
        That’s a very nice quality.
        Thanks a lot for d appreciation.
        But don’t deactivate.😡

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      3. Arey re re! Don’t be gussa. 😬 I’m sorry, okay? I won’t go, atleast not until next month. It’s Firefly’s third birthday huh, she is excited. Now forget the gussa, you are invited to the celebrations. 😹

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      4. Not sure about it na. 😹 And even if I do, I’ll definitely be back, I cannot stay away from this beautiful place for long. 😛

        Oh wait, she’s just 3, not 23. We will have birthday caps and fairy tale theme and cakes and orange juice and stuff. Don’t forget to bring a gift, warna you’ll not get return gift. 😹🌼

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