Broken( Daughter to dad)


Hard to pass a moment.

From me to you.

Broken in the soul and mind.

What you said I just listened.

Without any reason Just binding.

Known to everyone but still lost.

Sun illuminating and brightening.

But also burning up and drying.

Secrets of the heart untold and unknown.

Getting far and coming close.

A little soft talk would be enough.

Just waiting for that one kind word.

Wrapped in the air will pass you by one day.

If you wish just feel the air.

Just that one soft talk.

Just that one soft word.

You just don’t know my love.

How to tell ?

Is this even needed.

Just walk with me and see the Magic in me.

Just a badly placed Sun in play?

Does it matter?

Just that one soft word.

Just that one soft talk.

Dear dad.

                    (daughter’s voice)

             -AKSHAY SWAMI


4 comments on “Broken( Daughter to dad)”

  1. Heyy! Is it like the daughter and the father don’t share a very close relationship? Like, the father is very strict and commanding and the girl wants him to understand her sometime? 🤔 I want to know!

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    1. Yaa very true Chandni…..the father and the daughter don’t share a very good relationship……just because the energy of the Sun is too much that it’s just burning up the relationship between the two.

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