Me and my loneliness


Just can’t live without you.

I am nothing without.

You are my life.

Love the way you wink.

Eyes are wet.

when you not here.

No one knows the story.

Entering your dreams and just killing them.

No one knows the value of life.

Just again haunting me the loneliness.

Just breaking and building trust.

Love or lust?

Empty road , just me and my loneliness.

Goodbye , a perfect one.

Sleeping less and dreaming more.

Is it love or just a thought.?

Just listen to me , My cry and my heartbeat.

Give me new reasons to live.

But nothing lasts forever.

It’s just a hi and a goodbye.

Let me just cry with my loneliness.

                                                                  -AKSHAY SWAMI


3 comments on “Me and my loneliness”

  1. Heyy, you okay Akshay? Mujhe keh rahe the, now look at this poem, it’s so sad and painful and depressing! After reading this, I’m guessing you had a breakup or something like that. Is it? 😐 You portrayed your emotions very well huh.

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