Love to hate JOURNEY


When I see you.

I just think of staying with you.

Just hold my hand and just move along.

With just one sight and one smile.

Just let me live the moment.

But wait…Will this last or it will end?

Hi or goodbye?

We just met but moving apart.

Taking all your worries and sorrows.

Your burdens I’ll take.

I don’t want to remember you .

I don’t want to remember the memories.

From love to hate journey.

From cuddles to hurdles.

From gain to pain.

Losing after finding.

Have seen the changing stars .

Unlimited love to Ultimate hate.

Every truth can be changed.

Every lie can be covered.

Every disease has a medicine.

What about love and hate?

What you started must also end.

But from love to hate?

Is it a dream or reality?

I just pray to God that I wake up soon and someone says it was a dream.

But wait…Am I sleeping?

Mad in love but just don’t love.

It’s a journey.

Love to hate journey.

From kiss me to kill me.

Oh God just open the gate,

And put me on the front line.#heaven.

                                                                     -AKSHAY SWAMI


7 comments on “Love to hate JOURNEY”

  1. Oh, the beginning was so cheerful, but the end was devastating. It was very relatable. 🙁 Love turning into hate, OMG! Hope you’re doing okay?
    Also, just noticed, someone’s spamming your comment section. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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