In you without you


He must be watching.

He must be observing.

Writing me somewhere in you.

Let me cry in your pain and heal them.

Whenever you cry , your eyes are mine.

You are my addiction.

You in my dreams.

The one who is listening is within you.

From the body to the soul only you.

You are like the morning which keep me awake.

You are like the fuel which keeps me going.

The time is still paused , don’t know how.

Just to find the real you.

Just listen to me and keep going.

Always in you without you.

I don’t need you to love you.

You are the pen and I am the paper.

Just close your eyes , ask him and write me in you.

Somewhere in you with you , without you.

Your choice …. choose Sun or shadow.

Clear your thoughts and you will always find me.

In you without you.

Just close your eyes and feel me.

Take deep breaths…yes I am the air.

You gotta do whatever it takes.

Just to find me in you without you.

All these battles will keep you satisfied.

Perfect Venus complication.

Trying to run but don’t wanna ever leave.

Cause we are lucky.

A movie scene without a movie.

Different characters playing awesome parts.

Remember to always think twice.

In you without you.

                                                                                                   -AKSHAY SWAMI


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