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Bad night Good morning!

Just like that a morning smile. A black and high morning. Remember the night? From me to god. Something higher than me. Blank and lonely night. No promise no hopes. Come and give me a hug. Dear loneliness. Upset from myself. Rolling and chasing. Listen to the nights and the figures. Smoky figures. Rahu in

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Little One

One girl named love. Why she came and why she’s gone. Sunset tea without her. You gone but questions left. Unanswered and untold. Everything changed. Seen the changing Power . On the roof with a full Moon light. A touch and a cry. With a chocolate and a card. I found my Paradise. All over

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La Club

A little bit of fun along, Put the Denims on. With the Puma and das on. Right now. Just listen to me right now. But at times I lost there. Nothings gonna change. Five things I want there. Curling Flake. Low lights. Perfect Bass. One Last shot. A lonely girl. Gonna get everything with a

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Unknown journey

Walking down the line. Just behind and behind. My bar in my car. Drive the roads and search the poison. Empty street with my shadow . Heavy and very heavy darkness. No peeps no shadow. Just dogs barking and following. Gangs and bottles with bloody veins. Moving along to find a perfect zone. Breathe and

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