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Badly need a gram love. Steamy sweat and fast end beat. Hunger strike and smokey pride. Foggy weather and my hard leather. Blustery breeze with no air to breathe. Duskiness thought, laziness bought. Badly need a gram love. Give me love. Why don’t you give me my love, probably the first one. Close the door

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Unfinished Story

If you change, I’ll definitely die, The burning veins through my heart, Life feeling insane, Totally insane, Happy days seem far away, Don’t forget to breathe, As long as you survive , As long as you live, Just burn everything up. Alone with cold blood, untouched by light, Rainy ,thunder and stormy weather, My new

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Sun To Son

Son what are you doing son? I am just making my way out of everything dear Sun. What do you want son? asked Sun, Dear Sun. I want the hotness of the Sun, luxury of Venus, Knowledge of Jupiter, Sharpness of the Mars, Blessings of Saturn and Rahu and your kingly qualities too. Oh greedy

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