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Bad night Good morning!

Just like that a morning smile. A black and high morning. Remember the night? From me to god. Something higher than me. Blank and lonely night. No promise no hopes. Come and give me a hug. Dear loneliness. Upset from myself. Rolling and chasing. Listen to the nights and the figures. Smoky figures. Rahu in

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La Club

A little bit of fun along, Put the Denims on. With the Puma and das on. Right now. Just listen to me right now. But at times I lost there. Nothings gonna change. Five things I want there. Curling Flake. Low lights. Perfect Bass. One Last shot. A lonely girl. Gonna get everything with a

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Unknown journey

Walking down the line. Just behind and behind. My bar in my car. Drive the roads and search the poison. Empty street with my shadow . Heavy and very heavy darkness. No peeps no shadow. Just dogs barking and following. Gangs and bottles with bloody veins. Moving along to find a perfect zone. Breathe and

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